Irish Pedestrian Network

Better Ennis is a member of the Irish Pedestrian Network. This is not a 'pedestrianisation' network, but rather one in which the public realm is accessible, walkable and supportive of our public health. Drivers of private cars, public vehicles, professional drivers, and cyclists, are all pedestrians too.

The following are the resolutions of the Irish Pedestrian Network. Any group can join the Irish Pedestrian Network as long as they agree to uphold these resolutions in their work.

Irish Pedestrian Resolutions

  1. 100% of Irish Residents and visitors are pedestrians. The IPN will work to represent their needs in an inclusive and ambitious way and to deliver a public realm that is accessible, walkable and supportive of our own and the planet’s health.

  2. The Hierarchy of the Street

    1. Vulnerable Pedestrians
    2. Pedestrians
    3. Cyclists and self propelled Vehicles
    4. Public Transport
    5. Private Rented Transport
    6. Local Business Delivery
    7. Local Motor Traffic
    8. Non-Local Motor Traffic
  3. We believe that a space that is not suitable for the most vulnerable among us is not a usable space at all. All footpaths, streets, squares and developments should be designed with a universality of access in mind