Press Release: Call for Volunteers for a Citizen-Science Ennis Air Pollution Project

30th November 2020

This winter, Ennis residents are again feeling the effects of poor air quality as the air pollution has regularly exceeded by multiple times the accepted WHO recommended limits.

The health impacts are severe as air pollution impacts on all parts of the body, with direct links to increased risk of stroke, cancers, asthma, and even anxiety and depression. Markers of Alzheimer’s disease have been found in children who have lived in areas of high air pollution. In Ireland, the number of premature deaths attributable to air pollution is estimated at 1,180 people each year.

Air pollution in Ireland mainly comes from two main sources - burning of solid fuel and traffic emissions.

Better Ennis, an independent community group in Ennis who advocate for healthy and happy streets, are teaming up with researchers in Dublin on an EU-wide citizen-science project, called WeCount, to help collect data on traffic to help inform what actions can be taken on air pollution. Technology offers innovative ways for measuring traffic and the research project will provide the measuring devices to interested citizens. They are calling for volunteers to register with the project at and Better Ennis will liaise with the selected volunteers to pick-up the necessary devices. The devices need to be located in an upstairs window with a clear view of the street, with a power and Wifi connection.

Better Ennis is appealing to Ennis merchants and residents to avoid selling and buying smoky coal, respectively and to reduce the number of home fires if households have an alternative heat source. They are also asking Ennis residents to help reduce traffic emissions by walking or cycling short trips in town if possible, and to stop car engine idling.

Please get in touch with Better Ennis at or on Twitter @BetterEnnis